Ericsson, Intel collaborate to push mobile broadband

Ericsson has entered into a joint effort with Intel Corp. to accelerate deployment of services and applications on mobile PCs, powered by Ericsson’s HSDPA-based mobile broadband and IMS solutions and Intel Core Microarchitecture for mobile clients and servers.

No iPods for North Korea!

To punish Kim Jong Il for testing nuclear missiles, the Bush administration wants to keep iPods out of the hands of the North Korean leader and his supporters. On June 19, 2000, the U.S. eased economic sanctions against North Korea to improve relations and to encourage North Korea to refrain from missile testing. On Oct….

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7 Business Lessons From 007

Whatever images you conjure upon hearing those immortal words–world’s most dashing spy, ladies man with a license to kill, secret agent man with the best gadgets–the phrase “successful product” probably doesn’t come to mind. But that’s exactly what it is. Since 1952, when Ian Fleming published the first Bond book, the British spy has been…

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Speed, Pitch, Scale: Until It Fits! There are songs with which you just can’t catch up, no matter what you have tried and how hard have you forced you voice or limbs, if playing an instrument. Whether tuned in a different key (be that the instrument/s or even the throat, ha-ha-ha!) or playing at non-human speeds, these songs just won’t…

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